7 Fun Family Winter Activities

7 Fun Family Winter Activities

Sometimes it seems like the cold weather can get in the way of getting out of the house and spending time together as a family. Even worse, it can start to feel a little cramped during a long winter. So here’s a list of family winter activities to get you out of the house (mostly) and into some fun.


Go Bowling

A classic family activity, it’s hard to find a more enjoyable one than bowling. Even if you’re not good at it, it’s always fun to have some friendly competition. And perhaps some good-natured ribbing. Plus, if you get bored with bowling, there’s usually an arcade or pool tables nearby. There’s also bowling alley food!


See a Movie Together

Another classic, but maybe one people overlook. And if you haven’t been in a while, most movie theaters no longer have cramped, uncomfortable seating. If you want to avoid the crowds, pick a move that’s been out for a while. The important thing is that you’re spending time together sharing an experience.


Make Cookies Together

Ok, this one doesn’t get you out of the house, but it will fill it with delicious smells. Let everyone choose a recipe and then see whose is the best. Or, just eat a ton of cookies. Either way, the family that makes cookies together gets to eat cookies together.


Check out a Unique Museum

Skip the lines and crowds at the popular museums and do a Google search for a nearby unique museum. Or, even drive a little bit and stop for lunch on the way. There are all kinds of cool museums and they all have something interesting to see. Plus, with Google you can read reviews and make sure it will be worth the effort.


Go Antiquing

“Antiquing” has a connotation of looking at old furniture, but it can really be a lot of fun. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt (call it that if you think the word “antique” will make everyone run). You can even give the kids a little money and let them see what they can find. There’s usually a lot more at antique shops than dusty furniture and old lamps.


Flea Market Shopping

Like antiquing, flea market shopping is a bit like a treasure hunt. Except this one usually has some good food involved too. You never know what you can find at a flea market, and if you don’t find anything, it’s still an experience in itself.


Soak in the Hot Tub

This one is near and dear to our heart, but there’s almost nothing better than soaking in a hot tub on a cold day. You melt the bone-chilling cold away and get a nice massage while you’re at it. Plus, unlike the other activities, sitting in a hot tub will encourage real conversation and give you a chance to connect with your kids in a distraction-free environment.

Of course, we partial to the last idea, but we truly believe that the hot tub is a great place to connect with family and spend time together. It’s an escape from the cold and a fun way to break the monotony of another long winter. Even more, it’s always right there and ready to go!



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