How Do I Keep My Union City Pool Maintained Longer?

How Do I Keep My Union City Pool Maintained Longer?

Let’s face it. Installing a swimming pool is an expensive investment, and it’s not only important to you for it to last many years, but operate at its maximum efficiency, as well. Routine pool maintenance is vital in making sure that your swimming pool remains solid, intact and ready to serve you over time. Performing regular pool maintenance is vital to making sure this happens.

Here’s a brief primer on performing Jonesboro pool maintenance for longevity.


Union City Pool Maintenance: Skimming

The first thing you need to do is make sure your pool equipment stays functional and clean. While the job of your pump and filter is to remove debris, there’s nothing that says you can’t help the process. Take some time every couple of days to skim the surface of your pool with a hand skimmer to grab bigger debris, those pesky leaves and other heavier pieces, before they sink or get caught in the filter.

While you do this, check your pump strainer and clean it out. The more you do it, the easier and less messy it’ll be and the more you’ll improve your equipment longevity.


Clean Your Filter

It doesn’t matter whether you have a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter, a sand filter or a cartridge, it’s vital that you keep it clean so it can do its job properly. Check the maintenance requirements for your equipment and stay on top of the regular cleaning recommendations.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to clean your pool filter after heavy storms or when you see the flow and pressure change. You don’t want to clean it too infrequently or too often, as either too much or too little can reduce the efficiency of the equipment.


Maintain the Pressure Gauge

Check your pressure gauge every week to make sure that it’s still functioning. This gauge is what monitors the force of water flow through the system. Each pool has its own PSI, so you’ll find yours will be different than someone else’s. But you’ll always want to make sure that the PSI readings for your pool are consistent. If the readings seem very off, have a professional check it out.


Maintaining Gaskets and O-Rings

Gaskets and o-rings are an essential part of sealing your pool and preventing leaks. Make sure that these are well-lubricated and in good shape. When they get old, make sure that you change them out for fresh ones. Areas where you can find an o-ring include:

  • Filter head
  • Chlorinator
  • Filter valve
  • Skimmer
  • Various fittings and unions

Check the documentation for the various equipment you use on your pool and take special note of where gaskets and o-rings are located, as well as recommendations for replacement and maintenance.


Chlorine Levels

The chlorine levels in your pool are vital to keeping the water fresh, clear and safe. Too much, however, can cause damage to the pool as well as irritating skin and eyes. Too little, and it can’t fight bacteria and growth. Make sure you test your pH levels regularly and keep everything in proper balance.

If you would like expert Cape Girardeau pool maintenance and advice, we are here to help. Take a look at our available services and give us a call today.



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