Innovaspa’s different spa models address different consumer preferences based on individual lifestyles. If you love simplicity and open spaces, they have the spa for that. If you’re looking for togetherness with family and/or friends, they can accommodate you. If there’s a need for intense massage, they have the power, and if you prefer togetherness in a “sit back and relax” environment, they have that spa too.

All InnovaSpa Spas

The InnovaSpa Difference

BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME • Virtually indestructible • No cracking or chipping • Easy surface care and repair

TRULY PORTABLE • Light weight • Fits through most doorways • Easy to transport

NO HASSLE INSTALLATION • No site preparation required** • Sits on any solid, level surface • No electrician required (120V)*

  • Fantom®
    Seats 5 adults, has 20 jets and a 310 gallon water capacity.
  • Feeling®
    Seats 5 adults, has 24 jets and a 275 gallon water capacity.
  • Spartan®
    Seats 4 adults, has 21 jets and a 275 gallon water capacity.
  • Storm®
    Seats 4 adults, has 20 jets and a 275 gallon water capacity.
  • Stream®
    Seats 6 adults, has 33 jets and a 330 gallon water capacity.

Product Specs
Seating Capacity:
Water Capacity:
Total Jets: