Wellis Spas®

There are important milestones in the life of each developing company. At Wellis, we can state that these turning points occur once in every 5 years.

We as the leading spa manufacturer in Europe, put our focus on quality and innovation as our key success factors within the industry. With the latest smart spa solutions and innovative massage experience recommended, Wellis introduces our products to the US market.

Automated manufacturing incorporating ABB Robots has increased our efficiency and allows us to pre-plan and automate every tiny detail of the production process. This guarantees absolute consistency and quality control of each finished spa as well as reducing our production costs – a savings that we pass on to our customers.

Wellis Spas®

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As the leading spa manufacturer in Europe, Wellis measures their success by the quality and innovation of their products. They launched their spas in the U.S. with the goal of providing the best quality product, innovative massage, and relaxation experience to customers at a competitive price. Wellis has recognized the rise in demand for quality wellness products that will allow people live more healthy lives, and they have responded with spas that contribute to the overall health and wellness of customers. Wellis spas also have a number of customizable features, including color therapy mood lighting and sound systems.

  • London®
    Seats 6 adults, has 40 jets and a 301 gallon water capacity.
  • Hercules®
    Seats 6 adults, has 45 jets and a 233 gallon water capacity.
  • Leo P&P®
    Seats 5 adults, has 36 jets and a 189 gallon water capacity.
  • Orion P&P®
    Seats 3 adults, has 30 jets, and has a 132 gallon water capacity.

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