Caldera Spas®

Caldera Spas® was founded in 1976 and is one of the most heralded and trusted spa brands in the world. Caldera is manufactured by Watkins Wellness—the global industry leader having built more than one million hot tubs.

Utopia Series


Visually stunning. Hydrotherapy powerhouse. When paired with the FreshWater® Salt System, this high-performance series gives you an experience like no other.

The Utopia series features architecturally inspired cabinetry, easy-to-use touchscreen controls, and a top-of-the-line hydrotherapy experience. Every model comes FreshWater® Salt System ready, for longer lasting, natural feeling water. This high-performance series is unlike anything else. And it’s waiting for you.

  • Cantabria®
    Seats 8 adults, has 74 jets and a 615 gallon water capacity.
  • Geneva®
    Seats 6 adults, has 55 jets and a 410 gallon water capacity.
  • Niagara®
    Seats 7 adults, has 52 jets and a 400 gallon water capacity.
  • Tahitian®
    Seats 6 adults, has 48 jets and a 375 gallon water capacity.
  • Florence®
    Seats 6 adults, has 46 jets and a 360 gallon water capacity.
  • Ravello®
    Seats 3 adults, has 39 jets and a water capacity of 230 gallons.
Paradise Series

Premium design

A beautiful blend of practical and premium, designed to deliver your daily Caldera Spas ritual in a remarkable way.

Transformation, wellness, and connection are at your beck and call! Our Paradise Series hot tubs are the perfect blend of practical and premium, featuring subtle wood grain and metallic accents for a modern twist on a classic spa design. Every model is ready to use with the FreshWater Salt System for longer lasting, natural feeling water.

  • Makena®
    Seats 6 adults, has 46 jets and a 395 gallon water capacity.
  • Salina®
    Seats 7 adults, has 40 jets and a 420 gallon water capacity.
  • Reunion®
    Seats 7 adults, has 38 jets and a 350 gallon water capacity.
  • Seychelles®
    Seats 6 adults, has 43 jets and a 330 gallon water capacity.
  • Martinique®
    Seats 5 adults, has 34 jets and a 285 gallon water capacity.
  • Kauai®
    Seats 3 adults, has 31 jets and a 230 gallon water capacity.
Vacanza Series

Exceptional value

All the wellness benefits of a Caldera® spa, available at an exceptional value. Step into your hot tub to refresh, renew, and emerge ready for what life has to offer.

Each Vacanza Series model hot tub offers between two and five Hot Tub Circuit Therapy stations to help you relax and rejuvenate. With lighting and music options available for most models, the Vacanza Series spas also offer a great space for entertaining!

  • Palatino®
    Seats 6 adults, has 45 jets and a 400 gallon water capacity.
  • Marino®
    Seats 6 adults, has 35 jets and a 360 gallon water capacity.
  • Vanto®
    Seats 7 adults, has 35 jets and a 375 gallon water capacity.
  • Tarino®
    Seats 5 adults, has 23 jets and a 310 gallon water capacity.
  • Celio®
    Seats 3 adults, has 18 jets and a 215 gallon water capacity.
  • Aventine®
    Seats 2 adults, has 14 jets and a 150 gallon water capacity.

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