Celtic Hot Tubs®

With over 10 decades of industry expertise, Celtic Hot Tubs is dedicated to providing the highest quality product with long-lasting performance and dependability; a durable product engineered with customer satisfaction in mind.

Resort Series

Reliable and Intuitive

These hot tubs are often found in settings created for vacation and resort lifestyles.

Whether it’s a lake side cottage or a top of the mountain cabin, these tubs are designed and built for heavy use. Reliability is a must, and for those unfamiliar with operating a hot tub, the Resort Series tubs are designed with intuitive controls that make them easy to operate.

  • Luna 114 RS®
    Like sitting around a campfire, this original round hot tub shape is likely the most family-friendly, comfortable, and open seating concept in the world of hot-tubbing!
  • Mystic 118 RS®
    All Celtic Hot Tubs feature the “Celtic Shield Interior.” This inside shell is made of high density polyethylene which is known best for its outstanding strength and high impact resistance.
Luna Series

  • Luna 118®
    The Luna 118 introduces the exclusive Turbo Boost Whirlpool Therapy System.
  • Luna 124®
    The Luna 124 Therapy System features 4-Turbo Boost Jets powered by a 4 HP 2 speed jet pump.
Mystic Series

  • Mystic 120®
    Clean water should not be considered optional! That’s why every standard Celtic Hot Tub comes with the “Celtic Clean” water management system.
  • Mystic 126®
    The benefits of Celtic Glow, our LED colored lighting system, range from practical to emotional. Much of your time in the hot tub will be in the evening when the lighting is necessary to provide a safe night time environment.
  • Mystic 236®
    The Mystic 236 is our flagship therapeutic hot tub.

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