Squeeze in a Little More Summer With an Above Ground Pool

Squeeze in a Little More Summer With an Above Ground Pool

It’s never too late to squeeze in a bit more summer fun in the sun, especially when you choose to have a Wilbar Above Ground Pool by Sharkline from Aloha Pools & Spas in your backyard. Crafted from durable long-lasting materials, your above ground pool will be a cool and refreshing hang out spot for your friends and family for the next several summers to come!

Why Choose an Above Ground Pool?

An above ground pool is the ultimate spot for good times and loads of heartwarming memories, but that isn’t the only reason to choose an above ground pool.

  1. The Price is Right

For families on a budget, a Sharkline above ground pool is the right choice. An above ground pool can save you thousands of dollars a year because less chemicals are needed to keep them clean, there are less maintenance materials necessary to keep your water crystal clear, and the cost of heating the water is substantially lower than an inground pool.

  1. Easy Installation

Several above ground pools can be put together by a homeowner over the course of a weekend. No large holes need to be dug, you do not need to wait weeks for the pool to be properly installed, and you save yourself thousands of dollars in the process.

  1. Easy Maintenance

The filtration system of an above ground pool is simpler than an inground pool, and they are easier to keep clean because of their size. You can also use many of the cutting edge pool cleaning technologies that are out there today like ultraviolet disinfection systems.

  1. Comparable Features

A lot of today’s above ground pools have many of the same features as their above ground counterparts. You can add features like:

  • Diving boards
  • Waterfalls
  • Water fountains

You can use paneling, decking and landscaping to make make your pool more aesthetically appealing. In fact, you can use these features to make your above ground pool almost appear as it it were an inground pool!

  1. A Safer Option

Another compelling reason why families choose above ground pools is that they can actually be safer than one that is sunken into the ground. Depending on how the pool is set up, it can be a lot more difficult for children and small pets to take a tumble into an above ground pool. A fence with a latched gate, as well as a safety cover, can and should also be used.

Are You Ready to Dive Into Above Ground Pool Ownership?

Aloha Pools & Spas is committed to providing families and homeowners with stylish, affordable and durable above ground pools from leading manufacturers in the industry like Sharkline above ground pools.

Stop on by to speak to an above ground pool specialist at Aloha Pools & Spas today!


Aloha Pools in Union City is part of a family of companies that started in 1969. The Aloha Pools company has built thousands of pools for customers across seven states. They are dedicated to superior quality, professional service, and giving each and every customer an unsurpassed level of satisfaction.

For over 40 years, families have trusted Aloha Pools to provide the highest quality at affordable prices and with the most up-to-date knowledge and technology. They have an expert staff of friendly pool professionals and pool service technicians that make pool ownership a breeze. If you’ve been thinking about an inground pool or an above ground pool, hot tub, spa, sauna, tanning or outdoor living related, Aloha Pools in Union City is where you’ll find the best deals, service, and quality.

If you live in Union City, Poplar Bluff, Clarksville, Marion, IL or anywhere in Northwest Tennessee, Southern Illinois or Southwest Kentucky, give Aloha a call at 731-885-2020, stop by the store at 1400 W. Reelfoot Ave, or find them on Facebook to get more information.

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